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About Us

Q. Who's behind Twippr?

My name is Paul Boulton, I am the founder of Twippr. Based near Newcastle, north east England.

Q. How do I send a payment using twippr?

Pay    to 
You will be re-directed to Twitter to authenticate your Twip

Send a direct tweet (DM), like this

twippr pay $1 @user - pay @user by tweet
twippr tip 25c @user - tip @user by tweet
twippr donate 25c @user - donate to @user by tweet

Twippr v1.0, which is currently under beta development, we're not quite there yet, but it won't be long for the big launch now. You can test our system for free, we're working on the Paypal integration to add funds to your account.

How was Twippr conceived?

The idea for twippr came about in October 2008 when a hand full of UK IT contractors (and we're still good friends!) were brainstorming various ideas on payment systems, online payments and social media.

Twippr is an acronym for "TWItter Payment PRocedure" and sending cash, by DM to Twippr, is called a Twip.

What are the aims of Twippr?

Convenience:Allow the Twitter community to pay and receive cash, anywhere
Savings: Lower the overall Paypal transaction feed, so twips cost less to process
Security: No sign up, no password, fewer credit or debit card transactions


We are not affiliated with or owned by  

(who are entirely awesome, by the way)

 Q.What are the benefits of using twippr?

You're already doing it: Twippr keeps your friends happy, that you pay your little debts, sending twips (Twitter Pledges) to them as part of the natural way your using Twitter.

Earn More, Save More: Tweeting small tips and donations doesn't cost as much as other electronic payment methods, which are a bit expensive and cumbersome by comparison. This mean that more money goes to the recipient.

Simple To Integrate: We wanted a very simple method to process small, pledges using your twitter account. We also wanted to create a system to pay or donate to practically anyone on the planet.

Versatile: By using Twippr, you can donate, tip, pay or send an IOU to practically anyone, including; other twitter users;  email addresses; websites; or mobile phone - see the Faq page for full explaination of how Twippr works.

What are micropayments?

Micropayments are very small payments, which are generally inconvenient to pay using traditional methods, like credit or debit cards (no one wants to pay for a coffee with a credit card)

In keeping with twitter, we expect transactions to be small 'micropayments' ($1 here, 50c there). We will automatically add up your transactions (aggregate) and keep a tab ('slate') for you.

When your tab reaches an agreed amount (about $10), we will ask you to add funds to your account (if your in debt) or send you money via Paypal (if your in credit) .

When we recieve money, we divide it back into the micropayment (dis-aggregated) and forwarded them to those you've pledged to pay.