Pledge cash by Tweet

FAQ - The Twippr service

Q. Twippr at a Glance

List of the twips by direct message (DM) commands 

twippr pay $1 @user - pay @user by tweet
twippr tip 25c @user - tip @user by tweet
twippr donate 25c @user - donate to @user by tweet
twippr iou $1 @user - iou @user by tweet
twippr balance - tell me my banace
twippr transfer $10 - transfer funds to paypal addy
twippr change £1 - change my last tweet to ..
twippr cancel - cancel last tweet

Q. How much does it cost?

As we're still in Beta, you can test our system for free, we'll wipe your account clean when we formally launch later in the month.

There are no sign up fees, ever. We will never ask you for your Twitter password.

We can save you up to 18c on every $1 earned, compared to Paypal fees alone. We charge a flat 4% fee (40c on every $10) when money earned is transferred into your paypal account.

Q. How do I send tips and payments ?

A. twippr receives direct tweets from your twitter account. These are private, and cannot be read by other twitter members. There are four main ways to send cash: iou, pay, tip or donate.

For example, to leave a tip for a great post, some great service or help you've had, you would send:
d twippr tip $1 @user   (for a tweeter)
d twippr tip $1 (for a website)
d twippr tip $1 (to an email address)
d twippr tip $1 4407891234567  (for a mobile phone)

Just swap the word 'tip' to pay, iou or donate for the other functions.

Q. how do I check the account balance of my tab ('slate') ?

A. d twippr balance
Response @User You have $10 (£7) available funds to transfer and $19 (£12) awaiting payment

Q. How do I transfer money to a registered Paypal account?

A. Providing you have more than $10 in available funds (pre-paid by other members), you can send
d twippr transfer $10
Response @user $9.60 was sent to your paypal account (40c twippr fee, 4%)

The email address you give must be your registered Paypal address. Because we cannot verify this address, please be very careful that you type email addresses correctly, we don't want to give your money to someone else!

Q. How safe is my information?

Your privacy and security are of primary importance to us (e.g. I wouldn't want my financial affairs to be published on the web).

We will only post personally identifiable information to you using either direct tweets, or to the email address you supply us with.

We will never sell your contact details to third parties, nor will we spam you with unnecessary junk mail, direct mail or tweets.

You can leave our service whenever you want to, without obligation or mallice. You can come back to us at anytime, providing your account is kept in good order.

Q. How do i monetize my webpage or blog?

A.You can add a widget to your content like this


Q. Can I change the value of the my last transaction?

A. Providing the last transaction has not been paid out already, you can send:
d twippr change $1
Response the iou you left for @user has been changed to $1

Q. Can I cancel the last transaction?

A. Providing the last transaction your posted to us has not been paid out already, you can send
d twippr cancel
Response the iou you left for @user has been removed

Q. Is there a minimum amount that can be sent?

A. There is no minimum amount, but it would take you a long time to earn money if you only charge 1 millionth of a cent per transaction!

Q. Can I use a currency other than US dollars ?

A. Of course you can. We can process tweets in American dollars ($ & c), British pounds sterling (£ & p), Japanese Yen (¥) and European euros (€, e.g. send €0.01 for 1c)

We reserve the right to change, add or remove any of these command at any time, but we promise to only do so for the better.

We also reserve the right to change our payment fee, structure or method at any time, hopefully to make you more money.

By using our service, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Yes, please do not use our service if you are under 13 years of age. If we are notified that an account holder is under 13, we will remove their information from our servers, as soon as we can.

We also would like to recommend to parents that they use their guidance to anyone under 18 years of age who uses our service.

Q. What if someone doesn't put funds into their account?

Our micropayment service is based on mutual trust and social networking. We will always keep you informed of your account balance, and balance awaiting payment.

We cannot guarantee when users will add funds to their account. We reserve the right to impose limits on user accounts which are identified by the community as abusing trust. The community is, of course, free to publically name and shame these kinds of disrespectful users.