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$1 Dollar Bills For Sale - 82c Each

Posted by twippr on January 6, 2009 at 8:51 AM Comments comments (129)

Why are you paying Paypal up to 18c MORE per $1 transaction (MP3, eBook, Video sale) than you need to?

That's Your Money being wasted


There is no doubt that the king of online payment methods is currently Paypal in terms of its huge user community. Millions of transactions occur every day.

Great upsides with Paypal : free sign up, used everywhere and acknowledged by all (especially eBay, since they bought them), manages a mix of credit & debit cards and bank accounts for payment, withdraw money anytime and known fee structure (though you have to be a bit handy with a calculator to work them out).


Twippr Saves You Money On Each transaction


Let me tell you a secret, you could easily be earning more money by accepting Twippr for payments and donations on your website, blog, podcast etc.


How Much Extra Could I Earn?


The average fee for a transaction on Paypal is 2.9% + 30c. 

10 x $1 transactions will cost you $3.30, leaving you just $6.70 from those $10


Those same transactions are agregated together by Twippr, with a single fee (4%) deducted when you withdraw funds.

Twippr would leave you with $8.52, that's an extra $1.82 in your pocket.


Only pay Twippr a fee if you withdraw funds


That's like buying dollars for 82c


Twippr in Beta

Posted by twippr on January 5, 2009 at 8:13 AM Comments comments (1)

I'm so pleased to announce that Twippr is now released in Beta.

Our website is


What is twippr?


Twippr is a mechanism for sending and receiving payments. It is build up on the APIs supplied by Twitter. Anyone with a free Twitter account can follow twippr and then send, by private tweet, a payment, donation or tip to anyone else with a Twitter account, email address or mobile phone account.


We have no sign up, there is no minimum amount. Your money can be transferred into your Paypal account, once you've accumulated at least $10, paid by other members. Simply tweet the amount and we do the rest.


Take a look at or FAQ page for the list of tweetable commands, our fees and details of the service.